5 Affordable Plants For Your Home Garden
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5 Affordable Plants For Your Home Garden

Environment has been at serious damage recently. There are so many attempts to bring back the balance in nature. The least we can contribute is by planting and gardening high oxygen releasing plants. You know that charity begins at home. Therefore, you can start planting some at your home!

Oxygen is important for every living being on earth (except plants, though). It only maintains the oxygen level in the ecosystem but also takes care of your lungs. Opt for all the natural alternatives and methods to enhance air quality. If you want a beginners guide we go have one of those to help you out.

Generally, all plants release oxygen, but there are plants that work more efficiently.  Let us explore the plants that can help you mentally, physically, and environmentally.

Areca Palm

If you’re looking for plants for your big apartments, then Areca Palm is the best! Add a tropical vibe to your home. Few believe that they are outdoor plants, but you must have such plants in indoor too- houses or shopping malls. Decorate your little garden or your apartment with these plants.

These plants are easily available and easy to grow too. They are biologically-engineered plants to use up carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The one thing that makes Areca Palm special is it- the quality of purifying the environment and also removes all the dangerous chemicals.

These plants need bright and filtered light as direct sunlight can burn the leaves. They also need to water frequently but remember to not over-water it. Areca Palm grows slowly and gradually and is more root-bound. Moreover, its length is enough for your office space and home. You can also place it in the living room of your apartment.

Snake Plant

Also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue plant, this plant is easy to manage. These are the most tolerant plant. Snake Plants are highly efficient in producing oxygen. They need little care. These plants can go for weeks without proper care.

Also, these plants survive in low light and drought. These plants function best at expelling toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde from the environment. You need not water them so much. Although these plants are low maintenance, you still need to keep an eye on them. They tend to rot easily.

These are beautiful, green, and lush plants with a height varying from 8 inches to 12 inches. Window light and weekly water suffice plant growth. An apartment can have six to eight plants, which are enough to keep the air healthy indoor.

Money Plant

Money Plant is famous for its properties to remove chemicals and pollutants from the air. There are so many pollutants in the air like xylene, benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene. These plants require fewer efforts.

They can grow well and healthy in light in-direct sunlight. This common houseplant is also considered being effective in bringing wealth and bringing good luck. The five leaves on a branch represent the five elements of nature.

Money Plant can grow in direct sunlight in a garden or your balcony. Also, adequate watering or under-watering, both are okay for the plant. But do not over-water it. Remember that the size of plants is dependent upon the size of the pot. So, if you want your plants to grow, you need to re-pot them as needed.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy is a decorative element for your garden. Like the plants above, this also is highly efficacious in purifying the air. This plant also takes take of the pollution to get rid of chemicals like benzene and trichloroethane from the air.

People with sleep issues use this plant beside their bed. Gerbera Daisy grows green and healthy with bright sunlight and indirect sunlight during winters. Also, they need to water regularly for healthy and moist soil.

Now, since apart from being a high oxygen releasing plant, it has a decorative nature of the flower. As a result, you can plant as many plants as you want. Gerbera Daisy is best to be placed on the bedroom side table. It will help you if you have sleep apnea or breathing problems.

Chinese Evergreens

This is the most common household plant and for a pretty good reason. Chinese Evergreens are also low maintenance and make any regular gardener look like a pro. These are the most durable plants.

They grow well in poor conditions too, like poor light, drought, and dry air. This is more sought after plant because they are easy to take care of. However, low maintenance is sufficient, these plants need warm temperature and humid conditions. The best characteristic of this plant is to survive even in less than ideal conditions.

Water it enough and moderately. As the name says, they are widely popular in China due to its pollution removing and air purifying abilities. Chinese Evergreens only need water to keep their soil moist. However, remember not to over-water it. With little efforts, these plants grow healthy!

These plants are suitable for any surroundings- be it an office or home. They can grow anywhere and also maintain the beauty of your place. All 5 plants are proficient to improve the air of the surrounding. Let us know which plant did you prefer?