5 Keys to a Longer Life 
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5 Keys to a Longer Life 

Did you know the life expectancy in the United States is 77 years, as per the year 2020? It is one of the lowest of all developed nations. Why? Even when the U.S. government spends too much on healthcare, why is it that the country is lacking the longevity of its residents. What’s wrong? 

In this blog, we will read about healthy lifestyle and 5 keys to a longer and fulfilled life. Keep on reading. 

Healthy Lifestyle and Longer Life 

Healthy lifestyle and longevity are directly connected to each other. Research suggests people who followed a healthy lifestyle lived more years than people who did not. There’s a huge impact of health habits on life expectancy. 

Factors like good diet, physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption, body weight, etc contribute or affect a person’s longer life. 

So, what are the factors that contribute to a longer life? Read below. 

5 Keys to a Longer Life 

Take Care of Your Diet 

We all know how important it is to take a good diet but do you know it adds more years to your life? Sounds nice, right? But why is it that most people fail to follow a healthy diet in consistency? Your body needs essential nutrients to work its best. 

Many studies conducted on healthy diet and human body, suggest that eating good food enhances the overall aspects of your life and hence, takes care of your overall well-being. 



Want to be charged up and more focused the entire day? Just exercise. Exercising daily has so many health benefits including heart health, mental health, physical health, and so much more. 

Indulging in any sort of physical activity secretes the release of endorphins which are body’s naturally produced painkillers. These chemicals also trigger a positive feeling in your brain similar to morphine. 

You don’t necessarily need to hit the gym everyday, you could also choose to just walk 30 minutes a day, join a dance class, play your favorite sport, or anything that makes you move your body. 

Learn to Manage Stress 

This is so important. Considering how hectic our modern schedules are, one must know the art of stress management. Though it’s a very common part of our lives, consistent high stress levels could lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental health disorders. And here comes the role of exercise. 

Exercising reduces the stress hormones in our body and makes us feel happy and energized. 

Be Happy

Be Happy

Being happy has become so underrated now. People have wrong perceptions of the word ‘happiness’. Smoking or alcohol consumption also make you happy but is it healthy for your body? No, right? 

You choose your own happiness. Learn how to be happy and content with what you have. Do not seek happiness but practice how to be happy with your own self. No matter what’s happening on the outside, you must learn how to be calm on the inside. 

Do What You Love 

Invest in things that make you happy and grateful for your life. No matter if you have a 9-5 job, take out time and take part in something that makes your blood run faster. One could be interested in a sport, or dancing, whatever it is, take out at least half an hour to do what you really like. Let’s say you like playing video games, you can find some good minecraft parkour servers and have a good time with yourself. 

This will give you a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of joy within. And trust me you will love that feeling, so much so that you will crave for it. 

The Growing Need for a Healthy Lifestyle 

The Growing Need for a Healthy Lifestyle 

In the growing modern world surrounded with the trends of technology and hectic schedules, there’s a growing need for a healthy lifestyle. Although people don’t realize it in the short-run, following a sedentary or an inactive life is affecting their inner health. 

No doubt that striving for a healthier lifestyle takes practice but eventually one gets in the zone. Given that you follow it with dedication and with the thought that it’s your life which will be at risk.