5 Ways to Create Your Own Meditation Space at Home
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5 Ways to Create Your Own Meditation Space at Home

Our home is our sanctuary. We rest, we recover, we build and rebuild ourselves in the safety of our homes which promotes our personal wellness. To stop any form of chaos to disturb the peace of our home, we have dedicated spaces that help us detangle from one activity and switch onto another in complete harmony. Meditation is one such activity that cannot be ignored and needs a special designated space for us to log off and relax. For this sole reason I have listed 5 ways for you to create your own meditation space inside your home.

Choose a Feel Good Corner 

Out of all the spaces inside your home, there is always that one place which makes you feel good and never fails to relax you. That is the perfect corner you can choose to create your own little space for meditation. You absolutely do not need an entire room or any such extravagant wing inside your home, to name it as your meditation space. A little corner, a space in your closet, inside your bathroom, on your balcony, your meditation space can be any one of these. Just keep in mind that it is your feel good corner, so it should feel good for you. 

Keep the Space Clean and Uncluttered 

Meditation is all about feeling calm and mentally stable by engaging in any activity which helps you get there. To engage in such an important personal ritual you need to keep in mind the factors that directly affect it. Keeping the space you’ve allotted for meditation, clean and hygienic is the basic necessity. If there is clutter around, it could lead to clutter inside your mind as well. So always try to keep the space clean and reduce putting any distractive items around that could disturb your personal meditation time.

Give It a Personal Touch 

Your special meditation space is uniquely yours only when you give it a personal touch. It won’t feel yours unless you put things around that remind you of something that you love or majorly care for. It could be anything ranging from a vase of your favorite flowers to your preferred THC gummies in a box. Anything that makes your life better and makes you feel more at peace without possibly distracting you, can be put around your personal meditation space. 

Make Sure It Has Natural Light 

Light can directly affect moods and alter focusing patterns. Natural light is known best for the calm and positive feelings it evokes inside people. It also encourages the flow of good vibes and helps soften the hard mindframe for any individual. Sp make sure that the corner you choose as your meditation space has some form of skylight or window that is letting in tons of natural light.

Bring in Elements of Nature

Almost all of us find our most peaceful selves when we are lost in nature. However, it is not always feasible for anyone to go on a hike through dense forests or to sit on the sand by the beach. This can be remedied by inventing special ways to introduce nature in your meditation space at home. Be it via a vertical garden on your wall, a jar full of sand and seashells or special electric water fountains, your version of nature for your personal meditation is entirely up to you. 


Practicing meditation is highly beneficial  as it reduces stress, anxiety and hyper-tensions for so many of us. To be true to this process, we just have to practice it daily and create a meditation space which could help us achieve our set goal. Follow these simple ways and you can create a calm and beautiful personal meditation space anywhere inside your home in no time.