6 Houseplants That Can Thrive Without Much Water
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6 Houseplants That Can Thrive Without Much Water

Who doesn’t love to wake up to green and blooming plants every morning? It’s like a blast of freshness and visual detoxification. It beautifies your home and allows you to have the best of nature indoors. But plants need regular care to be able to keep adding beauty to your garden or your indoor space. And while most people love gardening, not all are for the amount of consistent effort it requires. Whether it is because of a busy schedule or just a habit of forgetfulness, they just can’t handle a living thing. For such people, the best option would be water-wise plants. 

Even if you neglect water-wise plants, they will survive nonetheless. I’m not promoting negligence but these plants don’t need much water to live. So even if you don’t have the time to care for a plant, you can still grow these plants without the fear of killing them. It is like the best of both worlds. So take your shovel and make space for these plants that will beautify your garden or indoor space even without much care. 


Pothos is one of the best choices for a person who just started gardening. You may also know it by the name of money plant or devil’s ivy. This beautiful evergreen perennial can survive in your home without much care. It doesn’t need direct sunlight so it makes for perfect indoor plants. It can develop into a trailing vine which can be a beautiful decoration to your living room or a wall in your lobby. As for the watering schedule, you only need to water when the top layer of the soil feels dry. 

The best part about pothos is that it can be grown in dry soil as well as water. Either medium will work perfectly for these plants. But remember, if you have pets or children in your home, keep these plants far from their reach as Pothos are poisonous plants. It isn’t fatal but can definitely make you sick if ingested. 


Lithops are also called living stones because it actually looks like colorful pebbles that grow leaves and flowers. It belongs to the family of succulents and is very easy to grow. 

Lithops are desert plants so it has the ability to grow through tough conditions of high temperature and low water availability. This means that it’ll keep surrounding you with beauty despite less care. 

Plant it in a sunny area and water only when the soil feels dry. These succulents can store water for months so you don’t need to worry about feeding it properly.  In fact, overwatering can kill it if anything. Once it starts growing new leaves, water only after the leaves shed. Lithops grow colorful flowers around fall and winter that are just as pretty as the plant. 

Snake plant

A snake plant is best for people who have a history of killing plants. This is because it is nearly impossible to kill a snake plant. You can forget about watering it for weeks and it will still look as fresh and green as ever. But this doesn’t mean you never water it in its existence. Then you will surely kill the plant. Whenever the soil feels dry or you feel like it has been a long time since you last fed the plant, just water it a little. 

In addition to being a strong survivor, snake plants are also well known as air purifiers. It can remove allergens and clean the air in your rooms. So it is the perfect addition to your home decor.


If you need a pop of bright color in your home, bougainvillea is the way to go. These plants grow rapidly. So much so that if not checked they may cover your entire wall in a short time. These plants get colorful bracts of purple, pink, orange, red or yellow color that surround small white flowers. You can plant it in whatever way you like. In your garden, in a pot, in a hanging pot or on a trellis, it works perfectly in every way. 

Bougainvillea is a sun lover. It needs an area with constant light for at least five to six hours. The soil should not be soggy so water it only once dry. 


Adenium, also known as the desert rose, can be an amazing addition to your home. It belongs to the family of succulents and is meant to grow in harsh conditions. It loves constant sunlight and can store water in its thick trunk and roots. So you only need to water it moderately in summers and even less frequently in winter. 

These plants are also perfect for bonsai gardening. Its thick trunk and colorful flowers add charm to wherever they are placed. The best part about Adenium is that it blooms multiple times in a year. So your patio or garden will always be colorful and lively. 

Aloe Vera

If you are looking for a plant that can also prove to be useful then try planting aloe vera. These succulents do not need regular watering. Remember to avoid keeping its soil wet as it may cause the roots of the plant to rot. Also, do not place it in direct sunlight. Keep it in shade or indoors to prevent dryness. 

You can even use the aloe vera gel as a topical or apply it to burns and cuts. You can eat the gel but be very careful about it. Remember to remove the latex before cooking or eating it raw. 

If you are looking for a low maintenance plant, now you know which ones prefer. So make your choice and liven up your garden or indoor space with these water-wise houseplants.