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Can’t Sleep Due to COVID-19 Stress? These 5 tips might Help You

We all know the importance of a good night sleep in keeping our body and mind healthy. However, due to the outbreak of the novel COVID-19, and in turn, surging tension and anxiety, it has become very difficult for us to get a healthy amount of quality sleep. And this has become a major concern, as getting a good sleep is much more important now than ever.

We know how our sleep and immunity are interrelated. And if we don’t sleep well, it can have a very drastic effect on our immunity system. Experts say that a compromised immune system can leave us vulnerable to various different diseases, which include the novel coronavirus too. And therefore, it’s very important for us to get a good quality sleep in order to stay well, especially in times of this pandemic.

Here are a few tips to help you sleep peacefully, even amid this rising stress and anxiety all around us.

Make a Daily Routine

The sudden outbreak of this global pandemic has turned people’s lives upside down. Many have lost their jobs. Many are working from home now. And there are many who are balancing their lives between family and work. 

But no matter what, if you want a good quality sleep every night, you need to maintain a daily routine.

For people working from home, you should wake up every day at the same time. And even if you’re going to work in the next room, get dressed. A sense of routine will help you feel more normal and less anxious.

For people who are not working currently, get up early, have some exercise and try to do something productive. Make a routine, and follow it everyday.

Don’t Oversleep

When you are at home in a self quarantine, or are working from home due to this pandemic, you can easily find yourself on your couch or a bed very frequently. But this can actually deteriorate your sleep quality. 

So, as an addition to the previous tip, you should also not sleep too much. Excessive napping can make you feel very sleepy even during the day. And this can disrupt your whole sleeping routine.

Sleeping in the day can also hamper the quality of the work you are doing by making you unfocused and tired. And therefore, it’s very important to avoid napping excessively.


Your gym is most likely closed. But it doesn’t mean you need to stop exercising. Yes, social distancing and home-quarantine mandates have made your exercising options very limited. But there still are many ways to exercise effectively without actually leaving your home.

Many health experts say that exercising regularly is very important for your overall health. Plus, it also helps you to sleep better. There are various reasons behind this. For instance, you feel somewhat tired after exercising, which helps you fall asleep a lot better. Plus, exercising also gives you a sense of accomplishment, which makes you feel good and happy.

But you should also note that exercising just before a few hours of your bedtime isn’t a very good idea. It can make you feel a lot more exhausted. And this can make it very difficult for you to fall asleep.

Limit Your Screen Time (Especially before Sleeping)

The internet and social media have become great tools of entertainment and communication, especially in these times of pandemic when we are all stuck indoors. However, this constant screen staring, especially before your bedtime, can make it very difficult to fall asleep.

Health experts recommend that you stop watching TV or using your phone a few hours before you go to sleep. Instead, read a book or listen to some music. However, if you still need to use your phone or watch TV, avoid anything that can trigger your anxiety.

Avoid Alcohol

Many people think that consuming alcohol can actually make them feel better and help them fall asleep quicker. However, the sleep you get after drinking isn’t of a very good quality. Experts say that after consuming alcohol, you may sleep faster, but you won’t wake up feeling very good. 

Alcohol can never help you sleep peacefully, neither is it effective against stress or anxiety. Plus, it can also impact your immune system negatively. And therefore, you should never rely on alcohol, especially in these times.