Your Daily Physical Activity
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Fun Ways to Increase Your Daily Physical Activity

The thought of staying locked in our homes has raised a lot of concerns especially one related to our health. Knowing that the outside world is dealing with serious health crises, even the couch potatoes are up and running. But, not everyone is a big fan of workouts. Such people relied on other physical activities to stay fit whether voluntarily or not. For example, hiking to the nearest mountain or just walking to cover short distances. But, now that it is risky to go beyond the main door, how do you keep up with your daily physical activities? Well, there are lots of fun options. And none of them require you to leave your house. 

Jump rope

Jump ropes are really helpful for toning the muscles and burning as much as 1300 calories per hour. As a kid, I would try to break my own record at jump rope every day only as a fun activity. If I had known back then about its health benefits, I would have never stopped doing it. 

First of all, jump ropes are very convenient. You do not need huge equipment or a large space to do it. All it needs is a rope and you can do it anywhere. Also, you don’t have to be a fitness guru or a bodybuilder to start jumping. A person of any fitness level and ability can grab a rope and begin jumping. Jump ropes also cover a wide range of fitness goals. It improves your coordination, increases your endurance, helps in fat loss and muscle engagement. And on top of all that, it is a fun activity. There are dozens of skipping styles like straddles, scissors, cross over etc. This adds sustainability and consistency to jump rope as a workout. So if you haven’t tried it yet, this is the best time to start jumping. 

Try Housework Workout

This may come as a surprise but doing your housework chores is a great form of physical activity. And may even be fun if you do it with your family. Regular housework will also keep you healthy not just by keeping you active but also with cleanliness. 

Since the outbreak began, hygiene has become a top priority. Not only do you need to wash your hands frequently but also make sure that your home is sanitized. So get your vacuum cleaner and mop and start cleaning every corner of your home. Along with disinfecting the floors, make sure to wipe all the counters, handles, doorknobs and every other frequently touched object. 

You can try other housework like mowing the lawn, finishing the laundry and even a car wash. This is not the ultimate alternative to a workout in the gym but can add enough physical activity to your day. 


Most people don’t like workouts as it makes them feel burnt out. So for people who feel this way, a better alternative would be yoga. 

Yoga is a very convenient form of physical activity. You can do it anywhere and at any time. It is also very easy to follow. Once you get a hang of the postures, yoga will become a relaxing activity. Since it involves breathing and stretching, it reduces stress and anxiety levels and calms the mind. You also feel more energetic and fresh after a yoga session.  

There are various types of asanas and techniques that you can try to challenge yourself. Such as the handstands or the sleeping pose. And as your skill level increases, you will also notice an increase in body flexibility and posture. 

Practice gardening

Did you know that gardening is considered as a moderate-intensity aerobic activity? You can burn some extra calories by spending some time doing heavy gardening in your lawn or backyard. So you may even call it a lower level workout. Gardening is also associated with mental health benefits. It eases stress and increases levels of happy hormones. Basically, everything that we need during the quarantine. So get your tools and start working on your garden. 

You can sow some seeds for vegetables for your kitchen. Tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and cucumbers are some of the best options. You will also need to care for them until the harvest. So you’ll have a set routine for some time. If not vegetables, you can plant some flowers for the summer. They will make a beautiful vista for your mornings and also uplift your mood. If you need a more intense activity, remove the weeds using your hands. 

In addition to a sweaty forehead, you’ll get a neat lawn and maybe some fresh vegetables for summer. 

Swing to the rhythm

What if I told you that you can do anything and burn calories? Sounds great right? Let me add a little context. Turn up the music and just swing to the rhythm. In simple words, just dance. 

Dance is one of the best workouts. As you will feel the burn all while having fun. And during quarantine, it is a great way of letting out intense emotions and staying active. Dancing also helps maintain weight, improve flexibility and increase endurance. You can subscribe to an online dance class or just go crazy. Get all your family members together and have a dance party. Move your body in whatever way you like. And believe me, you will feel the burn. I have been doing this ever since the quarantine began and I feel great. 

Everything is available online. All you need is motivation and you may even get out of quarantine as a dancer. 

Final thoughts

Quarantine has significantly reduced the amount of physical activity in our lives. So you need to bring the level back to normal. Along with following a workout routine, incorporate these fun ways to increase the level of your daily physical activity. Not only will they help you stay physically fit but also help maintain a healthy mental state. So try these activities and get healthy in quarantine.