Home Repairs and Renovations You Actually Need
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Home Repairs and Renovations You Actually Need

We all love a house that looks new, smells new and feels like home. We never want to go out of style, from the carpet to the curtain and bedsheets, everything should be stainless. From the marble floor and the oak table, everything should be polished and beautiful. And when things begin to dull down or go out of trend, you might think it’s time for a makeover. 

Whole a makeover may be long due, it may or may not fall parallel to what you have in mind. While you might be prioritising the aesthetic value of your abode, something else might be calling for your attention. 

As time passes,not only does the wallpaint turn dull and the table gets scratches, but with time the screws loosen, the door handles stop working the same and the pipes of your house might be leaking somewhere. When it comes to renovating your house, it is the functionality of the house that should be your priority. The runny faucet, leaking pipes, broken cabinet or the greasy chimney, this is what needs your attention. 

5 Renovations to Prioritize

When you’re investing in home renovations, here are 7 changes that are more important than painting the walls a different color or having the marble polished. 

Fixing Pipes

This is one of the most important fixes that I’ve seen people ignore until they’ve got no running water or water that just won’t stop running. Either way, this is not a situation you want to face and so tops the list of “do this before painting your walls purple”. You must prioritize calling an emergency plumber in Harborne over calling a carpenter to work on some new furniture. 

Baby / Pet-Proofing Your House

The one time that calls for some serious renovations is when you’re having a baby or getting a new pet. They’re both pretty similar in their clumby ways and how your furniture or things around the house can pose a threat to their wellbeing. In either of these cases, start by eliminating all sharp edges of tables, chairs, decoration or any other possible threat. 

The next idea is to install pet or baby proof doors, especially near stairs and the kitchen. 

In this case you can also carpet your stairs or the whole house so that even fall is less impactful.

Foundational Repairs

Moving into a house that has been previously built can sometimes come with weak walls and structure. This increases the risk of your house weakening overtime and notwithstanding the ruins that come with long years. Not to forget that a strong foundation is especially necessary in the wake of a natural calamity. 

If you’ve come to realise that your house or a particular part of it stands of questionable foundation, you might be in for some expensive but crucial renovations. 

Repairing Shelves and Cabinets

Whether we talk about the knobs on your cabinets in the kitchen, the drawers in your bathroom or that of the wardrobe in your bedroom, these are some basic necessities that you always need in a good state. It’s as simple as that. 

Keeping Your Locks as Good as New

The lock on your door might be the first and last thing keeping you safe from the 3 a.m. knocks you hear after watching a horror movie by yourself. Or the crazy neighbor who just won’t let you be. The point is, the door of your house shouldn’t be flimsy and the lock should always work like it’s new. Nothing wrong in getting your locks changed after every few years or as commonly as you might need. 

At the same time, this is that one door/gate that you should invest in before working on any other. 

If you’ve worked on the basics of having a strong foundation for your home, now might be the time to invest in more elaborate and extravagant renovations.

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