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How Positive Thinking Improves Your Health?

The first thing that is generally asked to check your personality traits is whether your glass is half full or half empty? The way you answer this old time question denotes your outlook towards life and your frame of mind towards yourself. Your pessimistic or optimistic approach has an effect on your lifestyle and most importantly your health. 

Being optimistic or having a positive approach does not mean that you bury your head in the sand and ignore the barely pleasing situations of life. Positive thinking fairly means to keep a productive and positive approach for unpleasant situations. Always think for the best to happen in your life rather than thinking about the worst. 

You know what? The key to effective stress management is positive thinking that comes with optimism. And if you are managing your stress effectively, then you surely have health benefits associated with it. Then let’s understand how you can increase positive thinking in your life and by doing so, how your health gets improved? 

Ways to Increase Positive Thinking 

Have you ever thought about what can be done to increase positive thinking in your life? And how can you benefit from this broadened and built theory of your life? The right approach is do anything that sparks a feeling of contentment, love and joy. Indulge in things that probably work best for you. Whether it be gardening or spending time with your family or be it playing guitar. 

These are the ideas or thing you can consider:


It is believed that people who meditate daily have a positive approach in comparison to people who don’t. If you meditate you develop long term skills like social support, increased mindfulness, have a purpose in life and don’t get easily prone to illness symptoms. 

So start meditating today by following this 10 minute guide. Simply close your eyes, breathe in and out and follow along.  


Writing about your positive experiences helps to alleviate your mood levels, and experience lesser illnesses. Try doing this for three consecutive days and you yourself will feel the changes. 


Do you remember the last time you got time for playing. We usually schedule time for conferences, meetings, weekly events and other tasks in our daily calendar but do forget to schedule time for the essential part i.e playing. Being less happy at the cost of your work is actually not worthed. 

Rather give yourself the authority to smile and enjoy the benefits of that positive feeling of yours. You can even schedule time with your emotional support dog for playing and adventure. And experience the joy and satisfaction of having an optimistic life. Also explore and build new skills in your life by doing so. 

Ways in Which Positive Thinking Improves Our Health

You might have probably heard about the sayings of the power of positive thinking. But do you know that the power of positive thinking can have an effect on our social environment and our physical health. Let’s see how?

It Improves Our Immune System

Medical research has been focusing on the functioning and improvement of the immune system. Studies have shown that if compared people who have a negative thought process are more symptomatic and recover at a slower rate from illness such as cold or flu. 

It Confers to Longevity

On an average, people with a positive approach towards life have a lifespan of 10 years longer than those who have a negative approach. This is so because of the physical benefits that let you enjoy the physical functioning and improved health last for a longer time in your golden years.  

It Decreases Your Blood Pressure

When you think positively, stress factor count is less in your life. So the negative side effects that come with stress become immaterial. And the ones that cannot be eliminated fully, like high blood pressure and heart related problems become less significant. 

It Increases Self-Esteem 

Self-esteem is a consequence of positive thinking. People who think positively have a higher confidence level and can deal with any situation more confidently. Also people who have high self esteem get more attention or attraction from other people. So always keep a check on your self-esteem and don’t let it turn into arrogance, otherwise you’ll lose the people you are leading. 

It Helps in Creating Healthier Relationships

Relationships are the most sensitive thing in a person’s life. And it is actually difficult to master them. Not everyone can do that. Studies show that people had a positive thought process, were able to find a perfect partner and had a longer married life. You can also put your positive thinking approach at your workplace for building a positive relation with your clients and fellow colleagues.  

It Builds Better Habits

Positive thinking helps you in getting better coping skills and makes a person more socially aware. People start taking better decisions like eating and drinking better and exercising daily. They get to know how they are perceived socially. They give less importance to the social pressures, which are not good for them. 

It Accords to Leadership Skills

People likely get hired for leadership positions, who have positive thoughts. Likeways, people with positive thoughts get promoted for a leadership position. Also people with a positive thought process get followed by other people also. 

It Helps in Enjoying Life More

Positive thinking people have more love for life altogether. They interact with other people and their community more and they are also socially outgoing. They also enjoy their surroundings and environment lavishly.