How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer?
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How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer?

Applying perfume is an art which is fading from our world today. With the advent of various types of tools that make people smell good, the age-old stunning fragrances that were applied with great care are no longer used by the young or old people of this super fast generation. This is a shame, however without getting into this debate, this article is meant for all those who haven’t lived a day without applying their favorite fragrance carefully. As perfumes are particularly expensive, you can adopt a few special tips to make them last for you. Here is a list of things you can do.

Take a Shower and Apply It After Moisturizing  

The first step to remember while applying your perfume is to take a shower and only then apply it. This step is important because during this step you’re making sure that all other odours or all other aromas are washed off your skin. After then it is also important to make use of a good moisturizer on your skin, this will ensure that the scent will cling to your skin as fragrance is known to stick better when the skin is oily. To have your skin smelling like your most favorite scent, this is the best way to do it.  

Spritz It on Your Pulse Points 

The age-old habit of spritzing the perfume on your pulse points like the back of your ear, on your wrists and such is a classic trick that always works. This is because the scent is more likely to stick to your skin when the points that you apply it to are warm. Pulse points are areas in your body where the blood is pumped closest to the skin which means that they always stay warm. There are other theories as well which tell you about the points where you should apply your perfume at. As per the famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel, perfume should always be applied to the areas in your body where you would like to be kissed. So you can honestly practice what you want here.

Use It on Your Comb and Then Pass It Through Your Hair 

Another important thing to remember when applying perfume is to spray it all over your comb and then to pass it through your hair. You should not directly spray perfume on your hair or scalp because it can be damaging to the health of your hair and make your scalp extremely dry as well. Apart from this trick to have your hair smelling nice all the time, there is the option of getting a good hair fragrance too. You can practice anything and see how it will make the scent linger more.

Store It Properly 

Using perfume in the right manner is important but storing it rightly is also super important to enjoy the potency of the fragrance at all times. Anywhere which is too bright, hot or humid is not the perfect atmosphere for you to store your expensive perfumes. A perfume should always be stored in a little dark corner which is both humidity resistant and cold. When you’ve bought these expensive perfumes, it is no fun if they go bad or lose their essence before you even utilize it properly. It is quite similar to buying the best gummies out of a myriad other choices and not storing them properly. To avoid this situation about your gummies you can learn more here, but when it is about perfumes you can go through this blog.

Remember Less Is More

Experimentation is key when one is trying to find the best scent that would compliment them. However, that does not mean that you need to get a lot of perfumes at one time because then chances are that some of them will lose their important properties over an extended period of time. So the best advice for you would be to remember less is more when buying as well as when applying. As mentioned before, applying perfume is an art and putting on a lot at one time will ruin the experience for you. So carefully only use as much as is needed. 

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