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Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day During Quarantine

This quarantine has made us sacrifice so many splendid things in our life! And another occasion on the verge of scarification is Mother’s Day. This year Mother’s Day is uncalled for and nontraditional. Kids remain excited to surprise and show their affection towards their mothers.

With some help, your mom can get the Mother’s Day she deserves. Let’s face it, you need to give your mom a break or a day dedicated entirely to her. We are under a huge pandemic, quarantine, and social distancing. Therefore, you ought to make Mother’s Day special by abiding the guidelines and taking precautions.

Mother’s Day is not canceled; instead, try to make it more meaningful with all this time in your hand. So, here are some ways to make it a memorable day!

Breakfast in Bed

Your mother is an outstanding cook, but how about making her a meal? Worry not; she would love your efforts and food. Give her day a great start with breakfast in bed. Now, the point is to find what your mother would like and you and cook for her easily too. You do not want to cook something that will not turn out as you expected.

For kids at home, it is easier to cook something. If needed, take the help of an adult at your home; maybe your elder sibling or father. However, there are kids away from home and still want to make it up to your mom. You can take advantage of “curbside pickup”. Order her a healthy breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea (whatever she loves) from a nearby local spot.

There are so many easy-to-cook recipes online for kids. Choose the one with painless procedures and convenient ingredients. Do it quietly and do not wake up your mom before her breakfast time.

Old School Cards and Gift

Making a card or even buying her a Mother’s Day card is an old-school way to please your mother. Just surprise her with minor efforts on cards and gifts. You can place your card and gift on the side table of your mother’s bed. Ask your father to help, to place surprise gifts and cards where your mom would see and be surprised.

Work on your cards as much as you can. Draw beautiful things on a card that represents your bond. You can write up a poem on it or even a brief paragraph to show how much you love her! Get all crafty and show your skills on your card. Home-made gifts or little trinkets can do wonders as gifts. You can turn a simple cardboard box into something useful, like a coffee stand or something which can be useful.

An Evening for Her

Plan a beautiful evening for your mother. You surely cannot go out for movies or dinner. So, bring that fun at your home, in your comfort zone. Cook a beautiful dinner and decide on a movie that you could enjoy watching together. Include other family members too if you want because mothers love to spend time with people around. Since you will be stuck in your house with nowhere to go.

If you are away from your mother and you want to have a special evening for her, plan for a virtual hour. It is your call- Zoom or any other conferencing app which can be comfortable. How about indulging in some games or a virtual concert? If you cannot think of anything, then just give some of your time and have a brief chat with your favorite cup of coffee or cocktail in hand.

Pamper Her

Your mom has a never-ending job and so she should get a break now and then. Also, since only essentials are open, the salon is out of the question! You obviously cannot get her a gift card or an appointment for a salon. Chances are that she needs her propitious time and get herself pampered. She will definitely need quality R&R.

While you cannot give her a full spa experience, but you can check some things off the list she desperately needs. The easiest ones to offer are manicures and pedicures. Ask her to sit back. Let her enjoy and relax this day. Make it all about her. Go online on how to get manis and pedis at home. Grab her favorite nail polish or maybe press-ons (whichever is easier for you).

Final Thoughts

Let not this pandemic take away the joy of praising your mother. Make this Mother’s Day precious and a remarkable one. Are you feeling ambitious? Find her a perfect gift with the help of a curbside pickup facility. Just make sure this is your mother’s day, and it has to be all about her. Try making her as happy as you can!