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Top 5 Easy-to-Grow Foods For Your Family During Lockdown

Remember the tagline used by the government during both the World Wars, “Sow the seeds of victory.” It was an effort to assist those who were fighting for the nation. And yet again, we are facing another grave threat, COVID-19. The pandemic has already killed more people than we lost during the Vietnam War. Although this is not a war, many of you might be feeling stressed about the growing outbreak. So, instead of wasting your time on something that is not in your control, using this opportunity to curate a new relaxing skill will be useful. There is nothing better than introducing yourself to gardening, especially when people are stressed about picked-over supermarkets right now. 

Who knows you might pack your porches, balconies, window sills, or your backyard with fresh veggies and herbs for yourself and your family? The following are the examples of easy-to-grow vegetables that you can try without causing a hole in your pocket.  

Beans- The Space Savers

Surprisingly, you don’t need to own a big garden to grow green beans. You can grow them vertically by using the pole varieties by providing the support using a fence or balcony. All you need is full sun, regular watering, and moderately fertile soil. You don’t even need fertilizer to grow a plentiful harvest. But, if you have some compost available, it won’t be bad either. Check your seed’s label to see the harvesting time of your plant. And once you are done with the growing part, you can freeze your beans and enjoy them all year long. 

Potatoes- The Best Choice For Beginners

They are the perfect choice for people who have no idea about gardening. You can start with seed potatoes to resist sprouting. Cut them into pieces while keeping two eyes per piece. And let them dry overnight before planting them. When your plant grows around 8 inches, add more soil and leave the leaves at the top uncovered. Repeat the process until your space is full. Like before, this variety would also require full sun and 

regular watering.

Stop watering when the leaves start turning yellow. And wait for another week to finally take your potatoes out. You can use reusable grow bags for growing your stock of potatoes. And once they are ready, try the best potato recipes to make most of your quarantine time. 

Cucumbers- The Early Sprouters

Just give cucumbers a moist, fertile soil, and ample sunshine, they will yield you enough to take care of your needs for the maximum time. To do that, place the seeds an inch deep inside. However, start with the process only after the soil warms up to approximately 60 degrees. They will bloom within a few days if you keep them happy with consistent watering. If your soil does not contain much organic matter before, you can try side-dressing the area with a soluble fertilizer once the fruits are set. 

However, their skins are tender upon harvest. So, experts suggest making successive plantings. But, if you don’t have much space, you can try a vertical option with this one too. Once you have your veggie, you can use it as a salad, or include it into smoothies. You can also use them as pickles. Not only that, a lot of meals include cucumbers as an ingredient. So, try looking online for some creative recipes to enjoy a relishing treat amid the lockdown.  

Tomatoes-The Favorite Kind

The only thing that might challenge you with tomatoes is finding your favorite option. It’s because there are many varieties of tomatoes available with rich flavors. These include cherry, grape, and heirloom tomatoes. Instead of going with seeds, you can use the transplants to save some time. Like any other plant, your tomato plants would also need full sun and perfect draining soil. To get the best results, a slightly acidic soil (pH-6.2-6.8) is a must. Once it grows a bit, apply tomato-recommended fertilizers to raise a tomato bed even in a small space. 

Herbs- The Easy Growing Project 

During these times of crisis, a herb garden is all you need to refresh yourself and enjoy while being home. Fresh herbs have a great way to make your recipes even tastier and mouth-watering. You can add them in your soups, stew, or salads and improve your health meter as well. There are plenty of herbs that you can grow in your backyard. And if you don’t have one, even windowsill will work for you. Luckily there are so many varieties available that you might not want to stop even after the lockdown is over. Initially, you can go for basil, dill, mint, parsley, or fennel. Most of them would require a compost-rich soil and a bit of your efforts every day to flourish. 

To Sum it Up

It might be alarming to find bare shelves in the grocery stores. But, USDA reports suggest that you don’t need to panic since there is no shortage of food. Unfortunately, the coronavirus fear is scaring people into panic buying. All this chaos is emerging as a compelling reason for people to choose gardening. In a way, that’s the right choice since studies confirm the multitude of health benefits related to gardening. Not only can it lower your stress levels, but it can be an excellent blood pressure manager as well. Furthermore, it can also help to improve your overall physical fitness. 

Hence, keep all your fears aside. And use this lockdown to develop a new skill or master your art. Remember, life is like a video game. Sometimes you are on a winning streak. And a few other situations you might take longer than you think to unlock a level. Like video games give you a chance to improve your ranking using valorant boosting, life too gives you different opportunities to bolster your mental and physical health. So, find a strategy that suits you best. Lastly, don’t forget to wash your hands frequently and maintain social distance protocol whenever necessary. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!